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Our Watches

Based on a minimalist aesthetic, Monumental Watches epitomizes vibrant elegance, precise attention to detail, and timeless craftsmanship. The Trident is a pinnacle symbol used throughout our designs; a representation of perseverance and triumph, it is a recognizable icon in Barbados. Every watch bears a homage to a treasured place in Barbados so that you can take a piece of home with you where ever you go.

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘monumental’ as epic, huge, massive or enormous. That’s exactly the type of impact Darnel Greenidge is looking to make with his new local luxury brand Monumental Watches.... Read more

Monumental Watches are not just watches, they are symbols of love, strength, commitment and pride. Darnel Greenidge wanted to develop a timeless symbol which could encapsulate the love he shared with his grandmother, Esther (who..... Read more

Darnel Greenidge is just 25 years old, but this young entrepreneur from Barbados is already making a bold statement with his luxury watch company Monumental Watches.... Read more

There are certain people, events or situations that leave a lasting impact on us. Sometimes we take this feeling and store it within our memories or we create something incredible to remind us of it..... Read more

The Monumental watch Company was birthed out of grief, its designs molded by a strong sense of love and an ethos fueled by undying devotion to the commitment and strength of the human spirit. Every watch is an ode to the love and gratitude shared between a grandson and a grandmother!.... Read more

Our Story

Our Story

How you dress should not reflect where you are, it should reflect where you’re going. 


Barbadian founder Darnel Greenidge’s appreciation for horology was inherited from his grandmother, Esther Greenidge. Having completed his exams, in honor of her passing, he sought out the perfect watch as a congratulatory gift to himself for a job well done. Finding none of the watches within his limited budget complimented the lifestyle he desired, he was then inspired to create the Monumental Watches brand. An accessible luxury brand, made with quality materials and a timeless commemoration to the love he shared with his grandmother and their mutual appreciation for beauty through craftsmanship.

Our Watches
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